Who We Are

We are a business based and active in Madrid, Spain. The business, founded by Chief Consultant, Harrison Fowler, saw its beginnings in 2015 when he first visited Madrid, Spain on a study abroad trip, as so many Americans often do.

During the trip he met the absolute love of his life, and now wife, Alejandra, and the couple have been living in Madrid and loving life ever since. The business even derives its acronym from her initials.

The first job he had in Madrid was as an English Teaching in the Spanish public bilingual school system during the 2016-2017 school year, which brought untold amounts of applications, government paperwork and documents, and a whole lot of stress. Even with the support of his Spanish wife, then fiancée, it was undeniably difficult trying to stay on top of the mountain of documents the Spanish government requires its native English teachers to go through. And even in the rare event you were somehow able to find exactly what you needed on the Spanish government website, you could still show up to an appointment and be turned away simply because you were missing a document that was never even advertised on their website in the first place! There are so many amazing and unique opportunites here in Spain but so few people to assist and help you get where you want to go.

It was through countless experiences like this, however, that Harrison began to become a expert in the “inside scoop” of all things related to English natives moving to Spain. That’s where the idea for this business came about, and what a joy it has been for him to live in Spain with his wife, helping others start their new lives in a country he has grown to love and value.

If you are on the fence about our services and what we can offer you, please email us at rvfspain@gmail.com for a free 20-minute consultation. We can Skype, use Google Hangout, or FaceTime with you to further discuss our services or even just share a little bit more about who we are. We hope to begin a relationship with you that can make your transition to Spain as smooth as possible.

Alejandra and I

Harrison & Alejandra