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Recently, RVF Spain Consultants was featured in an article in a prominent Spain travel blog, Travelling Around Spain. We highly recommend this site as an all-encompassing travel companion for all things related to Spain. The original article featuring RVF Spain Consultants can be found here.

Excerpts from the article

Founder, Harrison Fowler

Inevitably, some visitors find reasons to stay longer. Some for the culture, some for the weather and the fact that it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to live in—but many for love.

The latter reason is the case of Harrison Fowler, originally from Kentucky in the USA. He studied Spanish at University so decided to come to Spain to fine tune his Spanish skills.

Once in Spain, he met Alejandra, whom he said he fell head over heels for almost immediately.

For this love story to continue Harrison needed to find a way to stay in Spain and spend more time with Alejandra. He applied for work as a Conversation Assistant in a Government program for Bilingual schools.

Once Harrison popped the question, he decided to stay in Spain. He said, “ultimately I wanted to be wherever she was.” He added that as they were both bilingual they would have job opportunities in Spain that may not be as available to them in the States.

Business Venture

After dealing with the headaches of bureaucracy when applying for his residence and work permit, Harrison realized that probably other people are having the same struggle. Out of his own bureaucratic nightmare,  RVF Spain Consultants was born.

Harrison offers the service of helping new arrivals to find their feet in Spain. As he has waded through the paperwork for the  North American Language and Cultural Assistants program for Teacher’s Assistants, he felt he can be a help to others facing the same overwhelming amounts of paperwork. (I wish there had been such a service years ago when I had to fill out the paperwork for that program! Trust me it is a nightmare if you don’t have someone walking you through it)

He also offers the service of helping people through the paperwork of getting a work visa,  a NIE, starting a business or even something seemingly simple as helping people get a sim card for their phone. Any of these tasks is daunting in a new country, but much more so if someone isn’t fluent in Spanish.

Harrison offers a free initial consultation to help people with the bureaucratic mess. If you would like to learn more about what services are included, head to his web page: www.rvfspain.com.

We thank Travelling Around Spain for their kind words and generous article. If you are about to visit Spain for whatever reason, or currently are living here, visiting their site to help achieve the most during your stay is an absolute must.

Fantastic Spain Travel Blog

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Captura de pantalla 2018-02-26 a las 16.11.45As many already know from experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant, making your way around a new and foreign country is either the most exhilarating experience one can have, or it is a sheer headache-inducing nightmare. Traveling can, and should, be an exciting and awe-inspiring experience. But for it to be that, it often takes a great guide who knows exactly what they’re talking about, which is why we highly recommend Wander Pie.

Wander Pie is a fantastic Spain travel blog that started in 2017 and is the perfect travel companion for all those wishing to travel, visit, explore, and experience Spain. The blogs founder, Aastha Rohatgi, lives and works in Spain and can best be described as someone who knows what their talking about. Just even a quick look at her blog reveals an in-depth “insiders” knowledge of the “mechanics” of such an amazing and beautiful country as Spain.

Wander Pie breaks down the potential experience you might have in Spain into many different categories making it easiest for you to gather the information you need to plan accordingly. Want to explore Bilbao, Spain as a DIY city walk? It’s on the blog. Need information on day trips you could take from Madrid, Granada, and/or Bilbao? It’s on the blog. Looking for a new city to explore in Spain? Try Córdoba. And you guessed it, it’s on the blog. Without meaning to sound redundant, the point we are trying to get across is that Wander Pie is a must for all those visiting Spain, and even for those who are already there.

Spain is a rich and diverse country in many amazing ways, and why go at exploring it alone? We highly recommend you take a look at Wander Pie so that you can have the best experience possible while traveling throughout Spain. The travel blogs founder, Aastha Rohatgi, said it best when she said, “For all you wanderers out there, lets embark our trip to Spain with WanderPie and unravel the splendor and tradition of Spain! Its time to create some memories!!!!” And we couldn’t agree more!

What is the Spanish NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) and why do you need it?

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NIE Card (Credit: http://www.suitelife.com)

The NIE, Número de Identificación de Extranjero, is a Spanish Foreigner’s Identification Number needed for all non-Spanish/EU citizens wanting to stay in Spain for more than 90 days. It is an incredibly important number issued by the General Administration of the State (Administración General del Estado) and is necessary for just about every conceivable transaction or affair you would like to pursue in Spain.

The NIE itself is a plastic identification card that is about the exact same size and feel as a U.S. driver’s license. It contains a photo with your Spanish address, fingerprint and personal information.

But the most important bit of information it contains is your NIE number, which is a seven-digit number that begins with a letter and ends with a letter, such as X-1234567-P. This number will never expire and cannot be transferred to another person or changed.

For what types of activities would you need a NIE?

If you are planning on staying inside of Spain for more than 90 days, you will 100% need a NIE. If you are planning on staying inside of Spain less than 90 days, for example maybe you are studying abroad in Barcelona for two months, you won’t need to worry about this at all. Chances are you won’t be doing anything that would require a NIE, such as working or purchasing property if you are staying for that little of time.

You will need a NIE in Spain if you are:

  • Staying in Spain more than 90 days;
  • Working in any capacity or attempting to get a job or are becoming autónomo/freelance;
  • Paying taxes in Spain;
  • Applying for a Spanish drivers license;
  • Applying for a social security number and/or social security benefits;
  • Purchasing a car or property or any asset that has a value of €3,000 or more;
  • Receiving any type of inheritance asset;
  • Applying for a loan or a mortgage;
  • Pursuing most any form of professional, business or economic related interest.

Most likely if you are a tourist and only plan to visit Spain less than 90 days, you won’t need a NIE. However, if you are planning on staying in Spain more than 90 days, and/or do any of the above mentioned activities, you will absolutely need to apply for one.

If you need assistance applying for a NIE and starting the process, you can send us an email at rvfspain@gmail.com and we can help you with the process from start to finish.



If you found this post to be helpful, take a look at our other posts as we discuss a variety of topics related to Spain. If you are interested in teaching and living in Spain for a year or need assistance becoming autónomo, send us an email at rvfspain@gmail.com letting us know so we can contact you to set up a free 20 minute consultation!